Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A few thing about me

  • I was born and lived in London,
  • I still get homesick,
  • Amy Winehouse went to the same school as me,
  • I worked at Vidal Sassoon for 16 years,
  • Chelsea is my favorite place to be in London,
  • Fawlty Towers is my favorite comedy show,
  • I used to play in a band,
  • when I was a teenager I wanted to be David Bowie,
  • then I wanted to be Joe Strummer,
  • now I want to be Bono,
  • Actually I am quite happy being me,
  • I love Caribou Coffee,
  • I love Indian food,
  • I love the Waffle House when traveling,
  • Wonderwall by Oasis is my favorite music video,

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