Monday, February 04, 2008

think outside of the box

This collection of images illustrate wonderfully the creative direction I am moving toward in my portrait photography.
I want to make images that will stand the test of time, to be part of a families history and an Objet d’art that will be enjoyed on a daily basis.

I love this definition: “In fine art, a work of art (or artwork or work) is a creation, such as a song, book, film, print, sculpture or a painting, that has been made in order to be a thing of beauty in itself or a symbolic statement of meaning, rather than having a practical function.”

Refrigerator art is great but there has to be more......

photographers note.
first two pictures, nikon f3, 105mm 2.5 lens, film:Tri-x
third picture, Rolleiflex, 2.8 TLR, film:Tri-x
fourth and fifth pictures, Deardorff 4x5 view camera, nikkor 150mm lens, film:Polaroid Type 55 pos/neg film.

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